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Celebrating Sisterhood: How Working Women Can Uplift One Another

Posted by Amber Boyd | Mar 08, 2024 | 0 Comments

As we celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day, it's a powerful time to reflect on the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood that have propelled the women's movement forward. In the workplace and beyond, women supporting women is a revolutionary act - one that chips away at inequality, discrimination, and outdated patriarchal norms.

For too long, women have been pitted against each other by a society that embraces unhealthy competition over collaboration. But we're stronger together, understanding that one woman's success is a collective triumph. By showing up for each other as allies and advocates, we weave an intersectional tapestry of empowerment.

Here are some ways working women across identities and life stages can be there for one another:

Mothers Juggling It All For working moms, the struggle is all too real when it comes to battling mom-shaming, unequal parental leave policies, wage gaps, and lack of affordable childcare. Non-mothers can step up as fierce advocates, pushing for equitable family policies and shutting down bias. And mom co-workers? Schedule those solidarity venting sessions - you have a built-in village who gets it.

Shattering That Concrete Ceiling Women of color still face overwhelming obstacles like racism, microaggressions, and lack of representation in leadership. Cross-cultural allyship is crucial, amplifying the voices of BIPOC women and disrupting processes that promote inequality. Mentorship opportunities, sponsorship, and bravely calling out injustice creates a rising tide for all women.

Respecting Reproductive Realities The feminist truth is that not all women can or want to have children - and that's perfectly valid. Pregnant or aspiring moms deserve support, not stigma, as they navigate career hurdles, legal hurdles around reproductive choice, and inhospitable workplace policies. This realm also intersects with the LGBTQ+ community, where queer families may face additional barriers on the road to parenthood.

Making Space To Bring Our Full Selves Whether someone identifies as lesbian, bisexual, queer, or anywhere under the rainbow, inclusive workplaces free LGBTQ+ women from the burdens of code-switching and staying trapped in the closet. Allies play a pivotal role in creating cultures of belonging where everyone can experience the hard-won privileges of living authentically.

Here is a list of bullet points for things women can do to support other women:

  • Amplify and celebrate each other's successes - share, repost, refer work opportunities
  • Provide referrals and recommendations, connecting talented women to jobs/projects
  • Mentor and sponsor other women, helping them ascend to leadership roles
  • Call out bias, discrimination, and unequal treatment when you see it
  • Push for equitable parental leave, affordable childcare, and family-friendly policies
  • Support mothers and aspiring moms, respecting reproductive realities and rights
  • Create brave spaces for LGBTQ+ women to bring their full, authentic selves
  • Cross-cultural allyship - amplify voices of women of color and advocate for inclusion
  • Attend and promote events, conferences, and networking for professional women
  • Follow, engage with, and buy from women-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Use your purchasing power for companies that support women's empowerment causes
  • Nominate deserving women for industry awards and recognition
  • Speak up and share your own stories of bias, struggle, triumph to inspire sisterhood
  • Have allies of all genders, but center the experiences of marginalized women
  • Educate yourself on feminism, intersectionality, and being an active accomplice
  • Show up authentically for other women, both in grand movements and small acts

When working women across intersections have each other's backs, it's a revolution of resilience, joy, and reclamation of power. By showing up for one another consistently - not just on the designated holidays - we ablaze new paths forward while honoring the sacrifice of those who kicked down pivotal doors. The work is far from over, but together, we're an unstoppable force.

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