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Is Your Online Presence Helping or Hurting Your Career Goals?

Posted by Amber Boyd | Jan 26, 2024 | 0 Comments

In an increasingly digital era, your online personal brand matters more than ever when it comes to pursuing and achieving career ambitions. Whether you're actively job seeking or steadily employed, how potential connections and opportunities perceive you online directly impacts professional growth.

Unfortunately, many professionals still underestimate the vital role a thoughtful social media and web presence plays into advancing—or limiting—their career goals. Failing to manage your digital identity with care and intention can drastically hinder your ability to find fulfilling work and reach new heights.

Ask yourself these key questions to determine whether your current online presence helps or hurts your ongoing career objectives:

  • Does my profile photo and background imagery project competence and professionalism? A fun snapshot might appeal to friends but could undermine a hiring manager's view of your capabilities.
  • Am I highlighting relevant skills, achievements, and work samples publicly? Recruiters won't know you possess sought-after expertise if your resume and portfolio are hiding behind private walls.
  • Is my digital footprint showcasing the most compelling aspects of my experience? Even some proud professional moments may distract from the career narrative you want to emphasize to certain audiences.
  • Do I lack a cohesive personal brand across platforms? While authenticity matters, conflicting personalities confuse connections about who you are.
  • If vital pieces of my career story live exclusively on inactive legacy sites? Don't let outdated profiles from the past sink your future when key old connections come searching.

Carefully evaluating how your digital footprint serves critical career goals allows you to proactively shape the image potential employers, investors, partners, and collaborators form of you long before a formal interview.

While you deserve a personal life offline, by investing just a small amount of time regularly cultivating your online space with intention, you can feel confident the first impression key players receive meets the professional you aspire to become. Stay empowered to reach for bold career objectives this year by taking full ownership over carefully curating your public-facing self! The ability to broadcast your true talents and achievements to decision makers rests right at your fingertips.

As you take inventory of your online presence and make any needed improvements, keep the end goal in sight – conveying your strongest, most authentic self to opportunities aligned with your career aspirations. I wish you clarity and empowerment as you shape your digital footprint in service of your dreams.

However, even if you polish your personal brand, discrimination persists, now often in digital spaces. No matter how qualified you are, poor treatment because of protected characteristics like race, gender identity or disability is unacceptable and illegal.

If while expanding your online presence you encounter harassment targeting personal attributes, document details. Then promptly connect with an employment lawyer to explore your rights. They can guide you in addressing discrimination issues on platforms new and old. No one's career path should be obstructed based on who they are. With expert counsel, you can work to safely remove harmful barriers as you bring your boldest professional self into the digital realm.

Here's to letting your online presence elevate, not hinder, your career flight path in the years ahead!

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