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Silver Tsunami: Preparing Your Workplace for an Aging Workforce

Posted by Amber Boyd | Aug 11, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Silver Fox Surf Club Rides the Waves of Change

Cowabunga, dudes and dudettes! Grab your boards and wax 'em up, because we've got some majorly tubular waves rolling in. We're talking about the 'Silver Tsunami'—the gnarly tidal wave of aging baby boomers crashing into the workforce. While some see this as a bummer that's harshing their mellow, we say it's time to hang ten and ride this wave all the way to Shorebreak City!

Let's get rad and meet Alice, queen of the Silver Fox Surf Club. She's been hanging ten through decades of tasty waves, and now she's prepping her fellow wave riders to jump on their boards and own these breakers.

The Silver Tsunami explained:

See, the Silver Tsunami refers to the massive swell of older surfers riding the waves of the workplace. We're talking a full-on white water flood of experience and know-how. By 2024, almost 1 in 4 shredders will be 55 or older—we're talking true silver foxes here!

So stoke up and get ready to surf this wave, because with the right moves, we'll be shooting the curl all the way to Successville!

Hang Loose and Prepare to Ride

To ride this radical wave, we gotta mix things up with some preparation and adaptation. Let's check out Alice's super fly game plan:

  • Flex those schedules - Not everyone can shred the daily 9-5 like they used to. Bend like a palm tree and offer flexible hours, part-time gigs, and opportunities to hang loose and work remote. This keeps those salty dogs shredding the waves while opening the lineup for fresh surfers too!
  • Deck out those work spaces - Make sure your surf club is equipped with ergonomic furnishings fit for all wave riders. We're talking proper lighting, comfy seating, and adjustable everything for maximum rideability. Safety first!
  • Share the stoke through mentoring - The silver foxes have a lifetime of hard-earned wisdom to pass on. Set up mentoring so they can share their knowledge and inspire the next generation to charge the wake. Hang ten, everyone!
  • Keep learning and improving - Just because there's some salt in that pepper hair doesn't mean the learning ends! Offer opportunities to stay current on tech trends and new workplace waves. An outdated surfer is a bummer surfer.
  • Focus on health and wellness - As we age, our bodies change. Make sure your surf club has programs to keep everyone healthy and stoked. Think health screenings, stress relief through yoga, and age-friendly fitness options.

The Silver Tsunami is coming in hot, ready to rock the workplace! Businesses that embrace the wave will see major gains from the experience riding in. But if you or someone you surf with feels they're being pushed under by discrimination, stand up for your rights! There are specially trained lifeguards out there who can help.

Ride on, wave warriors! Cowabunga!

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