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Wage Theft is Unlawful! How to Reclaim Owed Pay Under the FLSA

Posted by Amber Boyd | Nov 01, 2023 | 0 Comments

Uh oh, looks like your paycheck is lighter than it should be! Getting shorted on rightfully earned wages is called wage theft, friends. And it's unfair and illegal under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Don't let employers pick your pocket! Here's how to reclaim owed pay:

Track Your Time

Carefully record all hours worked, including off-the-clock or overtime hours. Save texts ordering you to work extra time. Your records will document what you're owed.

Review Your Pay Stub

Make sure your pay matches hours worked at your proper rate with no improper deductions. Keep copies of pay stubs. Math mistakes can happen, but consistent shorting is a red flag.

Speak Up

Politely inform your manager if your pay looks short or deductions seem improper. Give them a chance to fix honest mistakes before claiming theft. But keep notes of what you report.

Contact Labor Agencies

If employers refuse to pay you properly, file a wage claim with your state labor department's wage and hour division. They'll investigate for violations. The U.S. Department of Labor can also help.

Consider a Lawsuit

For large unpaid wage claims or employer retaliation, consider filing suit under the FLSA for back pay. We can help evaluate your rights and legal options to reclaim wages.

With record inflation, you need all the income earned. Don't let wage theft line employers' pockets! Stay organized, know your rights, and speak out when pay seems short. The FLSA protects your hard-earned wages. Reach out if you need help getting the pay that's lawfully yours. Let's end wage theft!

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